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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


大家要記住我呢一個唔係日記, 只係一個網誌.
入左一個about Fashion既Blog.
第一個feeling係: 好pro! 真係好貼切: 著好d

佢既介紹真係好cool. 不過, 當然有copy既時候 =P
我都好想好似佢咁, 介紹下"Fashion".
我好希望我介紹得既係young, teen, etc.
當然, 我唔係介紹 LV比你. 但係我唔排除會咁做
其實我本身前個幾個禮拜就日日貼住Apple Daily既Fashion
本身自己就唔係一個好有錢family, 但係有時都會睇下brand咁
唔好當我唔識野就得架啦 =) 我起碼都識下LV, Dior, YSL, Anges b, Valentino, etc.
本身我就之後想讀fashion design既, 打好個底都好wor? XD
起碼有番d"靈感", "idea" 起碼有d野係個腦海之中

想玩fashion degin既人, 我想講幾句
建議.. 1. 睇多d Fashion Show (唔係外國先有架嘛, right?)
   2. 睇多d外國既fashion magazine (eg. ELLE, Vogue... forgot)

講完啦* 最後仲有, [唔好因為要design所以先design]


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